Police Body Cameras are Hackable

in news •  3 months ago

A recent DefCon presentation highlighted vulnerabilities in a number of police body camera systems.  Exploits could allow data modification, video removal, and insertion of counterfeit files.  Additional risks include being able to identify when officers wearing such systems come in proximity of wireless networks and potential risks of an attacker hijacking the system to live-stream data from cameras.  

This is concerning as these systems are intended to create video for use as evidence in criminal and civil cases.  Manipulation could create a ripple effect in fueling distrust, disrupting the process of justice, and potentially contributing to fake news to incite or placate audiences. 

Full story:

Hackers Can Edit Police Body Cam Footage Without Anybody Noticing

Image credit (from Motherboard.vice.com article): Getty 

Full news link: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/594q5d/hackers-can-edit-police-body-cam-footage-without-anybody-noticing

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this is especially concerning because the fake news is inevitable

It's scary that smart criminals can rig the body cameras. This is especially concerning for police shootings. The ability to remove footage is very scary.

Just crazy!!!