South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Will Compensate Hacked Users.

in news •  2 years ago

For those of you who doesn't know, Bithumb suffered data leak from an unknown employee's computer that caused more than 30,000 users being hacked.


Bithumb(One of the main cryptocurrency markets in South Korea), Announced that they will compensate the users that have been affected from their data leak back in June.

Bithumb is one of the top ten Bitcoin exchanges worldwide in terms of volume. Bithumb’s Bitcoin transactions account for approximately 3% of the entire Bitcoin market. The exchange, meanwhile, captures around 13.5% of the total Ethereum market.

The compensation will stand for 100k Korean Won or 86.5 USD.
For those who've been affected in a harder manner will get fully compensated by Bithumb.

One local customer, meanwhile, said that he lost 10 million Won or around USD 8,700 from his/her account.

Bithumb reassures that they will be working in a responsible manner to fully return the funds that were lost during the leak.

The incident of account theft and data leak at the exchange was first reported to local authorities in late June 2017.


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Very good news indeed. Although I am not from that area it is very pleasant to see that crypto environment is getting safer and therefore more attractive. Best of luck!

thats good news for the crypto community, if they didn't compensate them that would make cryptocurrency look fraudulent

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