Printed food: the first restaurant based on 3D-technology has opened in London.

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The first restaurant in the world, where everything - from food to furniture - published the 3D-printer, has opened in London. Take a look at the video as preparing meals in the institution.

Video source

Director-General of the Dutch company, which is engaged in the development of 3D-printers, Nain Hoff said that all the institution printed in 3D: furniture, utensils and even food.

"We print a meal right now, it - mashed potatoes, we put it into a medical syringe, which are used by doctors," - said Nain Hoff.

Print dishes the 3D-printer, according to the owners of establishments, takes a little time. For example, to prepare a chocolate dessert must be a total of about 10 minutes.

For three days, the restaurant will be opened in London, and then he went on a world tour.

Earlier unusual fast food restaurant opened in San Francisco. The only members of the staff are consultants who prompted visitors how to make the order. Guests choose a favorite dish with the help of special interactive panels and then they were taken independently from special cells built into the wall.


It begs the question, can you print your own money to pay for your meal? ;)

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