After twenty years on the planet will be the main Chinese and Russian.

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The Pentagon issued a document entitled "General operating environment in 2035» (JOE 2035). Futurist, This report describes the coming changes in the world order, which will happen in the next two decades. Military Pentagon predicts the growing role of China and Russia in the world. Two States not only be compared with the advanced Western countries, but also surpass them.

After twenty years on the planet will be the main Chinese and Russian.

JOE 2035 document was prepared by the Ministry of Defense Technical Information Center of the United States. Under the terms of the report, the formation of a world order in its usual form the West by 2035 would be either extremely difficult or even impossible. Less than 20 years, the US and its allies would be in a world where the principles of the global order will change.

"States, whose influence is increasing, for instance, China, Russia, India, Iran and Brazil, are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with their position, power and authority in the existing international system", - quotes the study channel «RT».

The document says that Russia will continue the modernization of land, air and sea intercontinental nuclear forces will carry out a program of measures to deter, including conduct "unexpected nuclear doctrine, flying bombers and strategic reconnaissance flights over US territory."

Russia, China, India and some other countries are called to "States revisionists" report: they supposedly will conclude treaties of alliance, watching as the West's declining resources. The latter will be the factor that will have a negative impact on Washington's global domination.

On the other hand, scientists have noted that such a force that openly opposed US global influence, no. Yet the Allies and partners are developing States today is not as fast as potential rivals. As a result, the world will come to the fact that the competing countries can begin to challenge the existing rules of the game on the planet.

"Furthermore, the future scientific and technological developments will lead to the strengthening of parity between players on the world stage and allow potential adversaries to challenge US global interests more effectively", - stated in the document.

Forecast of US intelligence, has teamed up with scientists twenty countries, points to global leadership change, said "". China will become the most developed country in economic terms before 2030.

Today in the sphere of influence of China is a huge capital that can affect the monetary system of the United States and even to undermine it. This circumstance allows Beijing to limit its sphere of influence from American attacks.

It is predicted that Asia will exceed both Europe and America in terms of GDP, military expenditures and investments in technical innovations.

On the other hand, the United States, which, according to the report, Asians will lose world leadership, will be completely independent in the energy sector. In addition, due to significant reserves of hydrocarbons they can become their exporters.

This reduces the possibility of US military power and the economy will force the State to make compromises in foreign and domestic policy.

As scientists believe, the main characteristic of the global economy - Exit at current position of the leaders of the developing countries: China, India, Brazil and then South Africa, Turkey, Colombia.

Taken into account and climate impact. The changing climate will lead to an increase in water consumption by 35%, food 40%, and energy - by 50%. The lack of water and food generally will experience southern United States, southern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Not paid attention to the experts and the problem of terrorism. The extremists and their supporters can gain access to dangerous technologies, and the number of victims of terrorist acts can grow. Analysts worried the likelihood of war in Asia and the Middle East with nuclear weapons. India and Pakistan are mentioned: the contradictions between them may allow a US partnership and China.

Finally, Russia. Experts remind that this special country each time after crisis revived and then struggled forward, becoming one of the world leaders. Americans recognize that underestimated the latent potential of the Russian Federation.

According to analysts, after two decades, Russia will become the strongest power in the region. Moreover, economically it will overtake many Western countries. However, the Russian economy, as now, will mainly rely on the mining sphere of economy. The state will plan for a foreign policy based on the status of a regional leader and to focus on the supply of energy resources to the world market. Hence, the prevailing interests of the Russian Federation: they focus on Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

In addition, with the growth of Russian economy will be able to strengthen the military potential.

Still, experts do not suppose that will surpass America in Russian military power. Despite the projected rise of the economy, Russia will still not be able to form the largest military budget. And the second reason: Russian army for a long time was in poor condition.

Here are some specific forecasts. In the future, Moscow will build the updated air-based weapons. Her foundation will make drones with microwave guns and lasers. Two decades later, Russian deployed satellites with reconnaissance systems, control and communications satellites and built in space the whole communication network. Finally, Moscow is actively developing means of information warfare. However, in this it will overtake Beijing: a leader in the militarization of information space, according to scientists, will be China.

What the experts think of Western analysts report?

German-speaking edition alludes to the fact that the military Pentagon unveiled a "visual aid" under the title "General operating environment in 2035," were designed to focus on the real reasons for the aggressive US foreign policy.

Given the fact that Russia and China by 2035 will surpass the United States in military and economic terms, the US military strategists and political establishment today insist on the international isolation "in the diplomatic, political and economic arena," not only Russia, but also China. In parallel, the report makes it clear why the United States is not limited to the insulation, and more, and try to "find in the Asian region as much as possible allies." Probably, in the future, these allies can become something of a "cannon fodder." This is the case, if the start initiated by the Americans' war against both countries »(« für einen Krieg gegen die beiden Staaten »), that is, China and Russia.

Thus, the "General operating environment in 2035," really is a "visual aid," from which we can understand the true geopolitical Washington's motives.

At the same time, add the expert report shows that the United States no longer see Russia as a country that once lost in the Cold War. The American establishment and military analysts do not even admit that Moscow will listen and obey "uncle from the West" in the same way as it was in the "democratic" Yeltsin. However, Russia continues to play the role of a raw materials appendage, albeit fledgling. But the same experts admit that the era of the undivided rule of the United States comes to an end. At the same time coming to the finish and the world order, that the last few decades, formed the West.


I dont know if this an advantage or not but if it happens, its no doubt that china will take over and monopolize the market.

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