Steemit is NOT Safe From Government Censorship as They Remove Blog That Exposes the Truth

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The Sandy Hook school shooting capstone drill is still being covered up as the Sandy Hook frauds and criminals continue to censor evidence of their crimes. It is so extreme it has now been done on Steemit. A website that was presented as a safe venue where censorship cannot happen. This is a Lie! Not a flag but taken completely down. This link will take you to where my blog was posted. According to the powers that be Steemit states that the blog is no longer available due to copyright claims. There is no way to find out who filed a copyright claim or how to appeal it. They (government or Steemit) have already decided I am guilty and then played judge, jury, and executioner. This is just as bad as facebook youtube, and Google. We have been lied to about blockchain being tamper resistant in regard to government meddling and censorship.

To find out what I could I contacted two witnesses on Steemit. Witnesses have say on what happens on Steemit so that seemed to be the place to start to find answers. I contacted Jerry Banfield and themarkeymark who are both witnesses on Steemit. Jerry Banfield is against a thing called flagging a blog and themarkeymark is a typical statist always wanting to control and tell everyone what is appropriate and what is not. I responded on themarkeymark blog
Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 12.03.40 AM.png

Screenshot 2018-07-03 at 3.35.32 AM.png

His response was that he wanted a link to the copyright claim that I sent him 2 times per his request
Screenshot 2018-07-03 at 2.57.19 AM.png.

I have not heard a word from him or Jerry Banfield and my blog has still vanished from Steemit. I take their silence as a message that they will do nothing and this is how it is. Be warned that your blogs and D-Tube videos are not safe. This is an example of themarkeymark deciding what gets censored and what does not along with and my response.

Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 12.01.20 AM.png

Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 12.01.47 AM.png

Not only has this blog been censored, fifteen of Dr. Jim Fetzers radio shows about false flags, gun confiscation, and the Zionist agenda will not play on D-Tube. Thie videos were working fine until the post about the Sandy Hook father, Reubin Vabner creating a false identity, Lenny Pozner. The blog has also been censored and taken completely down 4x on This should be a red flag for all Americans. We are slipping into total enslavement and either the people do not care or they do not know.

I would like to hear the comments from the Steemit community about this. Please also share this blog to inform everyone that Steemit blogs can be censored.


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