Earthquakes x 250 + Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano = Immenent Volcanic Eruption!!!

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I was perusing the news when I cam across an article about Hawaii and the volcanic activity that is currently taking place in that region. Hawaii is a chain of islands that was formed by volcanic activity so there's no surprises there. Of course before & after an eruption or magma displacement, earthquakes are what generally follow.

This is the latest news - Since Monday, hundreds of earthquakes -- most of them around 2.0 magnitude -- have been recorded in the area.


I have personally felt several earthquakes in my lifetime in different parts of the U.S.A. from Seattle to Chicago also in Mexico. They were small in nature but above the 2.0 richter scale measurement system. The worse one I've experienced was on vacation in Mexico City in 1985. The day before my family and I went to see the pyramids of Teotihuacán and after climbling the Sun and Moon pyramids I was completely exhausted as a young child which made me sleep soundly. All I remember is my mother and father waking me up hysterically and making me stand in the doorway of the hotel room. I was groggy as hell and remember swaying side to side so much that I was bouncing between the door frame. Later on we would learn of the devastation that occured.



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I hope that everyone near and around the area stays safe and take any & all precautionary measures. This could be extremely serious as this volcano is one of the two most active on the planet. Nature is wonderous yet completely unpredictable. If you know anyone going to Hawaii please give them a heads up!



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