Blue Origin Successful Launch!

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Good evening fellow Steemians! I have to say it's been a very exciting year for space exploration. SpaceX has been launching every two weeks and now Blue Origin! If there was ever a time to say "wow" and actually understand why the word was invented, today was that day.

Congradulations to Jeff Bezos and every individual who has dedicated their life's work to accomplishing a great feat. Not only that, they should be extremely proud that they all followed their dreams and now have shared them with the world.

In case you missed the launch earlier today here's a great video of it.


The camera placement on the ground was perfect. The launch and landing were a success and we must not forget that the New Sheppard rocket & Blue Origin’s goal is to one day send paying customers on suborbital flights into space. As an added bonus they sent a "crash test dummy" along for the ride aptly named "Mannequin Skywalker". There was a video camera inside the capsule and you have to watch this video as well.

I expected a hell of a lot more instability (shaking) upon take off. I was surprised and elated on how smooth everything looked. That view out of those windows... can you imagine taking a selfie?!?! If you put on some earphones and crank up the volume you can really feel the experience. <--- This link gives a brief summary of what happened.

My questions to all the Steemians out there, If you had the $ to purchase a ticket, would you go up in the rocket? Blue Origins is claiming that this will be available by the end of this year!!! Leave a comment below. If you enjoyed my post feel free to ReSteem it and do not forget to Upvote!


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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

I was suprised and elated on how smooth everything looked.
It should be surprised instead of suprised.

· has been corrected. No soup for me I guess.


But I'll give you a breadstick. ;)

The fusion reborn episode of lunching out real organs, beautiful picture to look out, find it interesting boss..

Nice post as well as topic to shared herewith us @mithrilweed
Hopefully we can say this year will be the Space year in the end of this year.

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