Igbo Bride suffers Asthma attack; Wedding comes to an abrupt end.

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A wedding celebration held in the Eastern part of Nigeria in Anambra state seeing the joining in holy Matrimony of one Julius Smith and Okonkwo Florence came to an abrupt end when the beautiful Igbo bride suffered an asthma attack during the wedding's reception.

Reports gathered from witnesses tied her asthma attack to exhaustion.

A particular John Dere asserts "Anything could have triggered it, the dust, emotional stress, the physical activities, it's just a pity that this had to happen"

On how the situation was tackled, Mrs Okonkwo Chinyere, the bride's mother says the attack could have been prevented.
Mrs Okonkwo Chinyere added that "Asthma patients know when they want to have an attack, most of the times, it begins with a chest pain. If she had used the inhaler on time, it would have been prevented"

The groom, Julius Smith stated that he noticed his bride's discomfort but when he asked her what the matter was, she clearly dismissed it as nothing.

Julius spoke futher "I did not believe her and I began to look at her closely. I noticed when she started to pant. The only mistake we both made was leaving the inhaler in the car, before we could rush to the car to get it, the coughing had started profusely and she was clearly having an attack when I rushed back from the car.

A telephone call from Annabel Okonkwo, the sister's bride revealed that the bride was doing fine but still very weak and exhaused.

On if the wedding would still go on, Annabelle said "The main part has already been done, they have been joined together in church. Anyone who want to eat can and anyone who wants to leave can but my sister is already undressed and resting".

However, The reception hall was immediately thrown into confusion during the attack, report reaching us is that some women fled the reception scene claiming the attack was a bad omen and they wouldn't be a witness to such an occurrence. They fled chanting "Koju ma ribi, gbogbo ara logun re" A Yoruba adage that means one should be cautious.

My Pen Bleeds!


The excitement could've triggered the attack. I hope she recovers and rock her day in full joy :)

Nothing ominous about it, I just hope Africans can leave their superstition at the village. Lol


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