New York City Just Spent 100 Million on Secret Crowd Control Towers

in news •  last year

I just saw this new article talking about metals towers popping up all over NYC and no one talking about what they are.


Now the story is that MTA spent 100 million on this and the head leader of the MTA would not comment on it. The rest of the MTA board members said there were kept in the dark about the project and wish had more details but were not given any. In a interview its said that these towers are for the security of people and that the detail will be kept secret. At this point several towers have been built will more on the way.


You can see that they are being placed at intersection and large walk ways on either said of the street. They also commented that it will have all the fiber optics needed for the nsa and their project. So we can bet that there is a lot of processing power going on in those towers. From camers, to speakers, to advanced emf technology.
I mean just look at that photo guys....Notice the old security camera? All it can do is watch and listen in high def in its one direction. Thats why they have more than one. But what could that tower do? Do those looks like lights up top?


You bet those are lights. Those are advanced very bright, even blinding LED lights. Why do you need lights bright enough to put peoples eyes out? A lot of peoples eyes out? Crowd control..... Those lights are a dead give away what they will be used for. If shit goes south in NYC this will help keep a lot of people out of central areas.

Whats spooky to me is how open it is and how people are not talking about it. It was not fair enough when police started gettitng mraps tanks, bayonets, crowd control towers.....

Please share this and get awareness to whats going on behind the sences. We need the truth behind the towers and people who want them there. Because thats 100 million of tax payers money that we are now again not able to know about because gov said so. This not ok. Taxes were meant to help the greater good of the people. Now its just protecting the system that has kept it going.

This is where I first saw the story and then I dug a little deeper.

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