After 80 years .. the return of life to Hitler's "civilized project

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A German company is completing construction and equipment at a huge resort on the northern island of Rogn, resuming work begun in 1939 during the Nazi period, the Independent newspaper reported.

After the invasion of Poland, the former German leader Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of the largest tourist resort in the world close to the island's shore, dubbed "Prora".

The Nazis planned to make the resort capable of embracing 20,000 German workers. According to historian Roger Morhouse, Hitler sought through the project to win the support of his people, but the construction stopped at the outbreak of World War II.

In 2013, Metropole Real Estate in Germany bought the unfinished political resort and is expected to be fully finished within three years.

The 3-mile resort offers luxury beachfront apartments ranging from € 400,000 to € 725,000

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I'm really surprised this wasn't demolished during and in the aftermath of WW2!
It's good to see that they will be used for what they intended it to be for 😊


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ايه رايك؟

Love your post.
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