Let there be war! Ned is in the house!

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@ned just got in!

I am making a very short post with the final surprising news about the little war we are having here. Ned just shared his first comment about the topic:


And yes, I have upvoted it, I believe this will be curation gold in few hours :))

@ned is Switzerland - Neuter and Rich

To make it much clear, @ned seems not to want to get involved in this war, taking a neuter size. I think this is important because he is showing people that the platform is not that centralized around people with a great amount of SP. If he would have used his votes to take anyone's side, I guess he would have ended the war in a couple of minutes spamming the heaviest votes that this platform have seen, but this would just enforce the idea that the platform is centralized.

Another good thing that his intervention makes is giving people the impression that someone who is developing Steem is also using the platform and aware of its state and problems, as in eating your own dog food. But hey, don't literally eat your own dog food, it is hungry too!

@Haejin gave two replies there, but they got unnoticed yet.

I like so much these times, it's more interesting than even playing games. I go make some popcorn. Do you want some?

PS: these comments are at a blog post of @berniesanders.

Thanks for reading!


Great point. Thanks for bringing up that post... Will follow, and see what we can figure out...

I find all of this funny right now :))

Thank you for your support!

Almost missed those comments, glad you brought this to my attention 🍿

Ps. #teambernie

Haha, I like that!

Oh, now I've seen, the link I have left was broken. This is theactual post on which @ned have commented. Fail me :))

i love popcorn ... :D

how could you reply just about popcorn, aren't you impressed by how this war evolves?

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