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RE: NEW 911 Report By UAF DESTROYS Official Narrative On Collapse Of Building 7!!!

in #news2 years ago

Yes, just look at the video evidence, it does NOT MATCH the official "theories" of anything 911. It is easy to see you are being lied to by the "officials".. Just look yourself and do the simple math.

Something I keep trying to point out too. The crackdown on freedoms worldwide (some that happened as people were still standing around, stunned from the "attack") isn't discussed, but that is the reason, itself, as to why it's not discussed.

i.e. The crackdown on the freedom to talk about the crackdown on freedom, and so on...


a catch 22 of an orwellian brave newspeak world, if you will..

at least we can take the piss as we're being led off to re-education camps..

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