Immune cells edited with CRISPR to fight cancer

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A team of scientists from the United States has shown that immune cells edited with CRISPR Cas9 can persist, thrive and function months after receiving them.

Until now, experts were not sure that the genetic edition with CRISPR Cas9 could work and be safe and durable in humans.

In this new study, researchers have shown how immune cells, extracted from patients and edited, continued to attack tumor cells months after their original manufacture and infusion.

The cells edited with CRISPR Cas9 used in this study, are only expressed in a subset of patients, so it is not a panacea, but at least the effectiveness of this genetic editing technique has been demonstrated.

This will be the starting point for an edition of cells on demand, to treat diseases in a personalized way.

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@mauromar, In my opinion we are living in the Universe 🌌 of endless possibilities and let's see what more discoveries will be brought by the Space Of Research. Stay blessed.

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