H2OK bags: an alternative to take care of the planet

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We all know the problems generated by plastic bags but, we must also recognize how useful they are for daily shopping.

So that we can use bags without complexes, H2OK, biodegradable and compostable water-soluble bags have appeared, and they are environmentally friendly.

In hot water (60º C onwards), these bags disintegrate in seconds while in cold water it will take longer, depending on various factors such as temperature, composition - sweet or salty -, bag thickness, etc.

In spite of everything, they can withstand moderate rains and frozen foods for up to approximately 90 minutes, without being damaged and they can also be reused if they do not have contact with water.

The important thing and what differentiates them from other bags, is that even if they are not taken to an industrial recycling plant, they will not cause problems because they will dissolve as soon as they have contact with water.

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