Politics Gone Mad

in news •  18 days ago

A few years ago you were a bartender and a Bernie Sanders supporter. Now you are proposing a 70%+ tax on Americans, who did work their way up in the economy, just for being successful. Please just admit you are a communist and move along.


Maybe you should try earning an income by working your way up in the private sector. As an adult doing an honest job, before you start to try and steal everything I've worked my whole life to build for my family as an elected whore.


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Ocasio-Cortez is obviously crazy. However, women should not be allowed to vote. Democracy could work if only high IQ men were allowed to vote.


lol...I'm not sure about that...but there does seem something inherently immoral with those who take more than they receive getting a say in who to take from next. Government doesn't produce wealth, it only takes and it seems to take more and more every year. Eventually we are going to run out of other peoples time and money.

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I don't even like to be involved in politics or political issues or stuff like

And people who vote for her think Trump is nuts! 😆😂😆😆