AR-15's School Shooting Gun Purchases

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Here comes a time when a shooting happens, and it's at a school.


Gun Rights, Anti-Gun, Liberals, Conservatives blah, blah, blah people all come together?
Nope, not really. Here is what happens.

Everyone says.
It's the GUN problem.
It's the GUN CONTROL problem.
It's the NO SECURITY problem
It's the TEACHERS WITH NO GUNS problem.
It's the NRA problem.

Everyone pointing blame.

I think its more specific than 'law enforcement'.
But at the same time, it is more broad than 'law enforcement'.

Even in a 'martial law' type situation, you still have violence.
So, what stops the violence?

Saying the gun is the problem, that's like saying you don't like an article, so the pen is the problem.

Saying the shooter having access to the gun is the problem, well that's like saying a drunk driver killing someone in a crash, it was the him/her having access to the car.

Well, that just as stupid. It was the driver. The driver and his/her choices in life.

Now, I DO think the ones that did not respond are at fault for not stopping the situation faster.

I try not to go political, so I leave it at that.
No HATE posts, REAL discussions get REAL responses.

After 9/11 did people want less guns on planes?
NOPE they wanted MORE Air Marshall's (aka gun toting people)
to protect them.

So, why do you want to take that protection away from schools? But put on planes?
Protect you but not your kids?

Food for thought.
Anti-gun politicians don't want armed security to protect kids and teachers workplace.


But protect their workplace?



  • Dad joke, yes I do it for all posts.


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