New Cointelegraph article about Steemit

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Cointelegraph España has just published another article about Steemit, this time a very detailed guide on how to use Steemit and the working of this amazing blockchain.

Here is the original link to the article ( which is in Spanish )

This can only be interpreted as good news, and this is the follow up article that cointelegraph promised to do back in Febuary after I did my interview with cointelegraph about Steemit

Wishing all Steemians a great day and looking forward to more positive developments in Steemit :)


Sounds great, do you know why poloniex disabled steem withdrawals for the moment ?

I dont use poloniex sorry. Always bittrex and never a problem

Thank you for sharing, I'm following you!

Would've been great if it had been interpreted in a more literally sense too.

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Thanks for sharing! Links to The Cointelegraph recommended articles were included in the wiki page Español. Thanks and good luck again!

Thanks for sharing

Yep, time to brush up on my Spanish!

Is there a single hurdle you think Steemit needs to leap in order to make the next big step, or do you think we just need incremental growth and positive press for a while?

True words

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