Two weeks down the water, the iPhone X!

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Two weeks down the water, the iPhone X!


Apple announces IP 67 rating premium smartphone 'X' market last year IPhone X is so water-resistant and dust-resistant everyone knows. That is, if the iPhone X 1 meter is kept under water for 30 minutes, it will not be wasted. But the iPhone has been able to survive under the water for more than X. Dallas, a person who claims to have been able to re-open an iPhone that has been drowning in water for nearly two weeks, said.

A news post in the New York Post said Dallas is a YouTube. There is a channel named his man plus reverse. He claimed that he had recovered a phone drowning two weeks ago in the river. Dallas recovered the precious things drowned in the river through the video called 'River Treasure Dives' and returned it to the owner. Earlier, he rescued ring, expensive glasses, masks and many things. He recently recovered the iPhone X.

Dallas claimed that his rescued iPhone X was not involved in any waterproof case. Many people thought that the long-sunken iPhone was broken down under water. But after the iPhone was rescued, he dried it and kept it in silica jail. After drying the smartphone after three days, it started normally after charging it. Later he found the owner.

The name of the owner of the iPhone Alice He is very happy to get back the iPhone. Because, there were some important pictures in it. Alice said two weeks ago the phone fell into the water. There was no waterproof casing installed.

It is believed that this could be a great news for iPhone-fans, because of the long lasting benefits of living under water. Of course, Apple does not give any warranty if the iPhone is lost in water.

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