Trump-Kim meeting ground is unknown to the island of Santosa

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Trump-Kim meeting ground is unknown to the island of Santosa


Singapore's Santosa Island is one of the most discussed now. World news of daily media is coming. US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are sitting in the meeting on June 12. This island is half a kilometer away from Singapore's mainland and is quite popular for tourism and tourism. Here is the famous theme park Universal Studios. Apart from hotels, restaurants and golf courses. Santos is quite famous for casinos.

But this island has a terrible history.


In the nineteenth century Singapore emerged as a commercial center under the British colony. Singapore became the important center for shipping in Asia, especially between India and China. The BBC's news is that Singapore was an advanced trading center long before British rule, where traders used to come and visit Haramesh. At the same time, the piracy havoc. From that on, the name of the island of Santosa becomes 'Island of Death'.
However, after 1972, the Singapore government took the initiative to develop the island as a tourist destination, removing this blackout. The name is named Santosa. Which means 'peace and tranquility' But this island could not overcome the problem.


In 1983, the ship was forced to hit the oil drilling with two cable cars on the ropeway above the sea. The two cables fall into the sea. In addition to this, a water park named Fantasie Island is opened on the island. But in 2000, an eight-year-old child died drowning there. Then the park was closed in 2002 for security reasons. But the Singapore government did not get into it. Santosa was reorganized as 'funny state'

The island's attraction attracts thousands of tourists every year to attract visitors to Universal Studios Theme Park, New Water Park, Resort, Casino, Golf Club.

On this island there are rich people's houses. Here's a dollar price of about three million dollars.

The killings took place during World War II

After the surrender of British forces in World War II in 1942, Japan occupied this island. Then the Japanese named it 'Saionan', that is, 'South of the lamp'. Then here is the massacre.

The Chinese people living there were shot indiscriminately and were thrown into the sea suspected of involvement in anti-Japanese activities. Thousands of people were killed in the name of refining. Among the places where the massacre is executed, one of the seafront is in front of the Kepla Hotel. Besides, Japan also uses the island as a prison for British and Australian troops.


Singapore was released in 1963 with Malaysia from the British colony. But due to ideological divisions, after two years Singapore separated independently from Malaysia and Singapore independently.

Kepella Hotel Hal-Hakkiyat

The meeting that is being held at Keplahah, the hotel is not only huge, but also can be said to be a great deal. Because, the number of hotel rooms built on 30 acres of space is 112. The rooms face the direction of the South China Sea. And there are two presidential suites.This hotel is rented for each room tram-union meeting. Madonna and Lady Gaga have left this hotel.

The front of the hotel is a very old one, built in British architecture. But its interior is quite modern. And this temple is built in Asian style. It is said, here the past and present matches have been made. British architect Norman Foster has painted the hotel design.
The rental of one room here starts from 663 Singapore dollars. And if you take three bedroom cottages, you will be charged ten thousand dollars per night.


But the meeting of the hotel has already ended all the booking. There are no rooms left until the 15th of June.

Security around the hotel

A special security zone surrounding the Keplah Hotel has been formed for the meeting. The government of Singapore said in the Gazette that arms, fire, loud words and banners have been banned in that particular region. Even if the police suspect anyone can be searched.

The Guardian reports that the rationale for choosing this island is that the island is just half a kilometer away from Singapore Island. As a result, it is relatively easy to ensure its safety. The specialty here is secrecy and secrecy.With the main island it can be connected via road, monorail and cable car, so it is easily adjustable. During the meeting, the security forces will surround the island. There will be limited restrictions on international aircrafts in the air.

Julian Taylor, Crisis Management Expert at Global Broking Center in Singapore, said that the landscape around the hotel is so clean, it is possible to identify any problem or threat very easily. And the hotel's quadrangle is so big that one from the other isolated.The more important thing is that there is no tall building here. As a result, there is no risk of surveillance on the building.


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