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Donald Trump's presidency could not have ended much worse.

He pardoned a spy for Israel, Lil Wayne and Kodak Black...

But not Ross Ulbricht, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, who has now been basically left to die in jail.

In today's Inauguration Day video, I go over everything that went wrong at the end of the Trump presidency, which also includes Trump failing to declassify anything of importance and revoking an executive order banning administration officials from becoming lobbyists.

And now that Biden has been sworn in, many people are proven to been duped by the discredited Q theory which I can't even mention on YouTube.

Also in the video, I go over Biden's first 100 days plan which will include a mask mandate, reversal of Trump's executive orders and a migrant caravan.

What else can you expect from the Biden administration? Things like disarming individuals while protecting politicians and allowing special interests and lobbyists to gain control of the country.

Oh... and a lot more of this:


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