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Are we witnessing a populist uprising on Reddit and Robinhood?

Reddit users and everyday people are pushing up GameStop's stock price while sticking it to hedge funds and Wall Street firms that are betting it will collapse.

This is causing the MSM to freak out and ask for regulations to stop the hedge funds from losing money. And financial institutions are already putting in restrictions trying to stop the people from sticking it to Wall Street.

In the video above, I get into how this might actually be legitimate uprising. And where are things headed next with stocks like AMC also on the rise.

Also in today's video, I cover China literally probing people's buttocks to fight the sickness

And a dire warning issued by Vladimir Putin at Davos as tensions between the US and Russia are growing and Joe Biden is launching a geopolitical onslaught against Russia.

Have a watch.

And for all the Gamestonkers... remember:


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