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Holy sh*t.

This is actually happening in music class in Washington state. Watch the video above and see for yourself.

Btw we're finding out there's no science behind this which I get into in a deep dive on what's happening in public schools across the United States and how this is destroying the future of the country. Something that to a large extent is actually being done on purpose.

We're finding out that kids are being forced to watch videos with dead bodies of black children to teach them about racist police officers.

A Biden appointee is not saying whether or not kids will be allowed to transition without the permission of parents

And Biden has canceled Operation Talon which was kicking out pedos living in the country illegally.

But more than any of this we have a mental health crisis right now cause kids have been forced to stay home. And its gotten so bad that the number of children in San Francisco who want to kill themselves has hit a record high.

Which you can actually raise awareness about by getting this shirt that sums it all up.


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