Max Keiser's Major Bitcoin Revelation! Plus Russian Meddling In Mexican Elections

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news with an interview with Max Keiser, his major bitcoin revelation and the news of his Russian meddling in the Mexican election. We also go over important banking financial news, central banking news and a lot more.

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There you go buddy!


Thank you so much!

Great to see you guys together. So the revelation is that Bitcoin is a Fiat-Gold-Tech hybrid?

Great video, really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing.

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I like Max and all but I still do not know how to putba price on the value of bitcoin. As much as I have been listening to Max, he just keeps saying tyat it's the best thing there is. If I had made as much as he did on bitcoin, I would be pimping it too. Back in 2011 at $3 it could buy 1 loaf of bread. Recently it went up to about 7000 loaf of bread per bitcoin. Now it'll get you about 3000 loaf? That is not a store of value, no matter how many times Max says it is. Gold and silver holds value better however it is currently being manipulated. Gold and silver have a technical bottom the cost of pulling it out of the ground. It's very hard to get much lower than that because the miners will go out of business and supplies dry, simple economics that even a 10 year old understands. Schiff to me makes more sense than Max. Uv & Rs


Even though I kind of like the crypto space, you are correct on your assessment of gold, silver, and bitcoin. I am getting into cryptos, but I would take profits and convert to bullion.


You are talking as if bitcoin is an investment and not as money or a store value. And don't get me wrong, I don't blame you for speculating. With precious metals I am not speculating. And I believe you agree.

Been watching Max Keiser for a few months, the man is great, recommended for everyone interested in economy/cryptocurrency.

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Haha can't wait ti watch this. Thanks


wow great post! very excited to watch this.

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I like your post link and recommend it to at least be checked out and see what you say in it. I'm following.


thank you, that means a lot to me! I am following you back

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Wow quiet an accomplishment

Я наблюдал за Макс Кейзером в течение нескольких месяцев, парень был замечательный, он был рекомендован для всех, кто интересуется экономикой / криптократией.

I need popular bitcoin Men :) do you have need it? :) sorry my English no Perfect.

Nice video I love max been a fan of his for a long time every sense I first heard him on Alex Jones thanks for putting the time in to help educate the masses first time I saw one of your videos I followed and upvoted keep up the good work

i wonder when this Russian meddling on elections will end. but interestingly, russia never admits to wrong doing. for btc, weiss report has shown ethereum better. does it mean in coming years ethereum will overtake btc, if so then steem which is a better option will be tops. thanks for sharing


I wonder when the US stop meddling in other countries' election....


Me too 👌

I like the question you have raised about the banks and governments making working on their own blockchain technology and creating their own crypto since I consider myself one of the 'pessimists'.

Thank you for this post, this is big news.

Thanks for sharing with us :)

nice interview with max keiser @lukewearechange.

Great vid, as usual!!

Wow its a big news. Thanks for sharing.

The next step is to get major retailers to accept Bitcoin without exchange. Im talking physical places, not just online.

I say a Debit card or even a scanning device in the shape of the Bitcoin symbol

Have a nice day!!!

Love MK, maybe it’s just me, but did he have a 3 martini lunch before this?

thanks for sharing

Max is a firm believer in cryptos and a diehard supporter of BTC.


Burning down the house!!! :)

Thank you for that interview Luke!
As always really interesting, continue your amazing work.

Redistribution of rewards through real contributions or free market exchanges are great ways to bring equality of opportunities to the world.

Unfortunately, there is still a big "aura" of scam and a bunch of people who got looted by con mans. I think the crypto currency community need to address this issue in the best way they can to ensure their prosperity and increase the trust people have.


  • Build a strong network of good men and women that help new steamians and crypto newbies outside steem to avoid bad decisions at the start of their journey. (Ex: Minnowsupport)
    • It's not hard to give back to ensure a positive cycle.
  • Push for well known initiatives that will facilitate the process to enter in the crypto world
  • Ostracize con mans and abusers and scammers
    • It should not be easy for them to have their way in the crypto world
    • Don't tolerate behaviors that have a negative impact on the community



  • How much time could the implementation of tax and limitations by the gouvernement of crypto could take in your opinion ?
  • What do you think of my propositions?

Max must've hit the blunt hella hard

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I'm Yertle the turtle,
Oh marvelous me,
If bankers are on fire,
On them I won’t pee!

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well said


If people were a little wiser to actually understand Bitcoin, the world would not have come to the point where we have to gamble for money instead of actually doing something productive.

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USD is done as home prices are signaling this because prices are going up in a bad economy due to the fact that they are a pile of commodities. We are in hyperinflation so as I am concerned we are done. I would rather have a dried cow patty than a USD because at least I can heat my house efficiently with a dried cow patty. Crypto going up due to the dollar dying.


Your statisticts dont mame much sence. Our economy is declining because we as a people are in constant decline.

hi Luke.. Please film more of Keiser! Love the man!!
On a side note, can you please let me know about your filming set up? I have modest photography skills but I'm new to video, and your video quality is amazing.

good post

Max seemed like he was drunk. Not that informative. Random brain farts from a drunk, on this video. Usually he is much better.

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@lukewearachange 'Bitcoin explained

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Wow o.....this is serious, i love this

I am not that much deep into bitcoin bit was bitcoin cash not created to fight the monopolies china mining farms have, slow transactions and high transaction fees? Or part if that?

I totally disagree that bitcoin needs to fight it. Max is just invested to much in Bitcoin that he roots for it. I loved the airdrop of Bitcoin Cash and what I know about it makes a hell of a lot sense.

really cool , thanks for share

Maybe I do not have much moral to say but the United States is a power that continues to direct us.
My respects for this highly organized nation