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Check out this church of Woke at the beginning of the video above.

These worshipers of censorship are trying to stop common folk from having free expression on the internet.

And from having Aunt Jemima, which has now been canceled. Literally.

In today's video, I get into that and how Twitter is gloating about banning a president of the United States. Yet it is not suspending accounts on orders of the Indian government and suddenly proclaiming it cares about free expression in India, instead of stopping the spread of misinformation.

Also, I get into how the CDC and Dr. Fauci are now saying wear 2 masks.

The CEO of Johnson and Johnson is calling for Americans to get the sickness jab every year.

And the UK is threatening people with 10 year prison sentences if they lie about where they’ve traveled during the pandemic.

Oh and the CDC has released a really cringe Hollywood mask video. Have a watch.

Btw if you don't want the government tracking your whereabouts, whether they be online or offline. And you want to safeguard your privacy while unlocking content that may be blocked by woke government or social media censors,

Try out VPNCity which I use and strongly recommend.

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