☠️ How Fake News Almost Got Me Killed At The G20❗ 📰

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~>How Fake News Almost Got Me Killed At The G20<~

As some of you may know I am covering, like I always do- the annual G20 meeting & this year it's in Hamburg Germany.


Some 100,000 protesters are expected, with 8,000+ being violent. To counter them there are over twenty thousand police in the streets of Hamburg.


I've seen a significant number of Antifa protesters since arriving, and yesterday I was jumped by Antifa while we were observing the protests. I don't want to make a big deal out of this. As a journalist, this is in my job description, but the details surrounding how everything unfolded are seriously alarming.

I now have people following me around with my photo and looking for me. Saying that they will seriously hurt and possibly kill me all because of an incident spurred by another journalist.


While I was watching the protesters, a credentialed photographer started taking photos of myself and those next to me, including people like Tim Pool, Lauren Southern, and two other journalists- Marcus DiPaola and Max Bachman.



I soon discovered that these images were taken by a by a man named Sören Kohlhuber who is part of the fully credentialed press at the G20. He is also an author, who has written a book called "Deutschland, deine Nazis" or in English "Germany, your Nazis" the back cover of which describes him as "As a freelance journalist, Soren Kohluber observes the developments of the right-wing scene in Germany and regularly documents their marches.


The book reflects his experiences with dealing with neo-Nazi invasions in 2014, with a focus on the regional differences between the neo-Nazis and the activists."

The book he is holding "Retrofieber" apparantly is the continuation of his previous work.

Sören appears to work for several news publications in Germany. He tweeted out a photo of myself and others saying that "we were identitarians and fascists." He then forwarded them to Antifa. He also tweeted individual images of us, all the while continuing to call us fascists.

Then, he deleted some of these tweets, but only after sending them to the more radical protest groups in Hamburg. We soon started getting tweets from people warning us: "people are looking for you."


You know from my previous work that, I am anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian, and anti-status quo. However, this journalist still decided, without any fact-checking or investigation, to describe me as a fascist Nazi. This is "fake news" since I am neither of these things.

I confront politicians, I call out world leaders, for their horrible policies. Politically I am not right or left wing; I am for the truth.


It wasn't just me that this happened to, it also happened to Marcus DiPaola who works for heavy.com and Max Bachman who is an independent reporter that does freelance work for newspapers here in Germany.

It was then I found out from Marcus that there are groups of people walking around with our photos on their phones- looking for us.


We then noticed that we were being followed by a group of around ten men, who then tried to shoulder bump us, they went after Max, punching him a couple of times. This was when I told Max to run; we started trying to get away from the situation after he had been attacked. As we were trying to get away, other people in front, started punching, pelting us, throwing us to the ground and kicking us.



Physically I am doing alright; I got a little bit of a shiner and a couple of knots on the back of my head. Max was left bloodied after the situation, and he got some help from the paramedics who bandaged up his elbows and knees.

Afterward, we left and went thirty minutes outside of the city. We were still followed by other protestors and were told to leave the area immediately, or we would be more seriously injured or murdered by them!

Then to add insult to injury, the police also decided to spray their water cannons on us as we were leaving, then said they couldn't help us-that we're on our own.

Marcus was attacked in an another event, here is a link to his video.

The "credentialed journalist" Sören Kohlhuber also tweeted Lauren Southern's location and the fact that she had changed her shirt. Luckily she had just left, and they could not find her. On her way out though, she spotted people who were trying to track and get her location so they could attack her.


Kohluber also tweeted his dislike for international journalists, like myself who like to broadcast live.


I would like to ask him a question. Why would you lie about me, why would you spread "fake news" about me, and two other innocent people, who clearly aren't identitarians or Nazis or fascists?

I also hope that no harm comes to the journalist that did this. Vengeance won't solve or fix anything, but ultimately I just want to know why- did he do this?!

I'm feeling let down over how this situation unfolded. Physically I am doing alright, just a couple scrapes and bruises, a bunch of bumps on the back of my head because I was then hit by some unknown object(s). I am okay though.

In the future I am going to continue reporting, this is not going to stop me, and I will be taking even better security precautions.

If you want to see me do that, and you want to support this independent media organization, please consider going on patreon.com/wearechange. I love you guys very much, and I apologize for the lack of coverage here.
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Now following. Stay safe and keep up the great reporting.

In my opinion, it sounds like a setup.

Chelsea Manning released video of reporters being murdered in Iraq, and now you find yourself attacked in Hamburg. If there is a concerted effort to quell news that differs from the accepted narrative, it seems it has been going on for a while.

No joke this sounds like some kind of initiation you barely escaped with your life out of, this person is not out there to sell books, he's the establishment trolls, the operatives actively killing dissenters, stay safe brother, don't forget that they have a fucking unlimited supply of people ready to hurt you at the drop of a word. This isn't about left vs right.

We are all fighting the good fight in our own way, and we are many... very well organized, and ready when the shtf. Luke is globally and directly on the frontlines, Europe is a balltefield within its self and the Middle East debacle is far from over. As I said in my comment below, as I have myself been attacked, and fought of all seven assailants because of my martial arts background. These establishment trolls are all over the world, they get paid to hurt, scare, and put fear in us dissenters against the establishment. The only way to protect yourself is be aware of all your surroundings, train in martial arts preferably in close quarter combat, keep fit and carry mace or temporary blind powder to keep a violent mob away.

Always go for their eyes :D Keep up the good work, you guys are invaluable to the whole world, just remember to stay safe because like you said, there's endless people ready to get paid for hurting you guys.

That's terrible. Glad you are doing not worse physically. Appreciate what you do.

Stay safe man, the Story is not worth Your Life. Just a little update in case you missed this but yesterday New Jersey DHS listed ANTIFA as a Terrorist Group.

Excellent piece of info.

please stay safe Luke

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It's just so sad and terrifying to see what is happening in Hamburg these days. Stay safe and thank you for your efforts.
Also could you convince Lauren that Steem is a real thing? I would love to see her join and I'm sure she would get quite the support :)

Yes it would be good to be able to support her on Steemit. She said she bought DOGE but doesn't wanna post her content on here for STEEM? duh fuq?

You will have to reach out to those people, communication will improve their affinity for you, imo.
I doubt they will let you record them, but at least they will know that you are harmless.

If you haven't read their authors, Kropotkin and Berkman, then you can't know that not joining them makes YOU wrong, also, imo.

Sorry you got caught up in a lack of them knowing you, but you don't really know them, either, do you?

I hope you do reach out, be a bridge between those that know and those that accept what is fed to them.

Damn that is brutal! Glad you made it out of there OK! Keep fighting the good fight

Sounds like the cointel pro, gangstalking and "gaslighting" kind, the people after you might not even be from the protest or those "antifa", this can be dangerous because the physical harm will be left to blame on the protest..
Seems like a great attemp to move journalists away, thanks again for showing what these people are capable in such detailed report, keep safe.

The right type of thinking. The relevant points are not so much who was behind the dick with the round baby face but the fact that there was active collusion between someone taking pictures/posting locations etc and groups of people willing to commit violence. When you are outside of your element in a country you don't know extremely well, perhaps don't even speak the language fluently, you are little more than a sitting duck if someone really wants to cause you harm; no matter where you go there. If they were really intending on causing physical harm, it would have been done by now. That's not to say if they had hung around, they wouldn't have been more badly hurt. They almost surely would have. But it would seem like a simplistic ploy to minimize live streaming coverage of events by simply intimidating everybody that doesn't sprechen ze Deutsche with a camera.

Makes me wonder if socialism had already won this beginning of revolution. Leftists are so violent, but they break your legs if you're different. Luke you make a great job, I like where you're going, and you're going for the truth. Sheeple don't quite understand what's going on, but everybody you waked up, is one more on you're side. Take care, and I hope you'll get the protection needed in theses hard times. Disconnected people from the reality everywhere, it will get uglier before it gets better.

Stay safe Luke, thanks for doing what you do.

So glad you are okay. Keep doing the right thing and bring people the truth. Be safe but do your job! We need more people like you out there. Namaste. Shannon

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Glad to see you and Max are alright.

Either this violent Antifa group is completely controlled by fascists or they're completely blinded by propaganda.

How are these people unable to realize that targeting journalists and attacking them in the streets is utterly FASCIST?? Morons.

Keep up the great work Luke!

Obvious indeed, I suspect the leaders and part of the members are undercover agents. As is the journalist who has now exposed himself as an deep state asset.

It sounds like a setup.

What do you mean?


Seems unnecessary. Antifa has become famous for unprovoked violence at recent events. I'd assume that's what they're there for.

Just insane man, I saw Lauren Southern's video about people being stalked and attacked, just for being seen in the same photo as her. All my respect and prayers to both of you seriously ballsy people

This is unbelievable. Stay safe Luke, and keep up the good work! Don't let a bunch of jobless kids ruin what you do!

Everyone i disagree with is a nazi. Sweet.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow that is awful, but it says something about your journalistic integrity and strength of character to continue reporting despite the threat to your life

Stay safe man. That guy soren whatever his name is. And his folowers are idiots. The truth will come out.

Saw the video earlier today. That journalist must have no conscience whatsoever..

Same false flag being started here now in the US, good luck keep up the good work!!!
btw saw that you unfollowed perhaps as result of my delay in taking a look at your profile, So I just now followed you! Thanks

Linked Image

Well its no surprise this happened. Liberals are retarded and they are capable of anything. I posted a response to Lauren that she will be sticking out like a sore thumb and to watch herself. Sad that I was right. At least you guys were not seriously hurt. Shit is getting crazy and I suspect it's going to get even crazier before it starts to get better. Stay safe Luke!!

OMG, I will definitely go buy that guy Sören Kohlhuber's book to see what he's saying about you.

I'll let you know when I'm finished reading it.

Download an ebook version to prevent him making money.

organised communists by the loom

Terrible that you went through this.

Glad your safe! The Kohluber and the Antifa are clearly just in for the violence. They make themselves as bad as the Nazis makes me sick. Its part of the divide an conquer.

Keep at it Luke you do yourself credit. Get better soon, sending your reiki :)

The only problem with your title Luke is that while reporting on the news, you were accosted by "fake news," that was certainly generated by someone, on purpose, to occupy your efforts, mind, time, resources, etc. and that, in and of itself, is news. By being the physical embodiment of the will of the people to put yourself on the field and force a camera into the melee, you expose yourself to physical harm while bringing us pieces of truth in whatever way you can, be it livestream, steemit posts, tweets, images, etc. It all has value as real intel on the ground. We support you because you seek the truth. Stay aware. Watch the signs and know that truth is its own shield and guarantee. Eyes are everywhere, good and bad.

History is repeating itself. Once again sane, logical people must stand up against radical communists and their masonic leaders. Hopefully enough good people awaken mentally and spiritually in time to stop this darkness. People in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and western Europe suffered greatly under this form of satanic authoritarianism..we must all do our best to ensure that this does not happen again.

luke keep rocking :) truth shall prevail over falsehood......

Make sure you make peace with the trauma and let it go.......

all the best bra......

Thanks for another good post! It´s not fun to be Swedish today :( The journalist attacked during the meeting was "sold out" by a Swedish fellow journalist or at least it looks like that. https://steemit.com/geopolitics/@thefree/journalist-s-under-attack-at-the-g20-meeting So sorry for you and as Tim Pool says Sweden is CREEPY. If you want any more information about this journalist please let us know.

Thank you for your bravery and covering the event in the midst of these scumbags.

That guy that outed you is likely a plant.
He needs to be watched for cop like tendencies.

Really a terrible experience for you and goes to show how mobs can be turned into monsters by spreading fake news. Let's hope the perpetrator is booked for his ill deed.

Stay safe and keep up your good work.

Peace and love.

You should check my blog... made a video about this toppic

it's the new divide and conquer...

now it's alt-right vs antifa getting on top of each other...

ffs it's crazy whats happening in Hamburg.

hope you'll pull through alright mate, thanks for reporting it on the spot!

stay safe

There is a martial art all journalist should train in. Parkour it is an evasive set of maneuver's to quickly get you out of trouble, from running away from a mob. Or always have mace or make your own temporary blind powder with talcum powder, sea salt, and fine grind chilli powder. Throw into a mob will not only stop them... but straight away they will be looking to rinse out there eyes with water.... keep trouble away from you.

You are doing great Luke. My other half and I have been following you for years and I think it's great that you've come onto Steemit. That Soren dude is probably regretting his actions now, Twitter is still going at him full pelt!