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Joe Biden has some major decisions to make.

China's looking like it’s going to attack Taiwan and its ramping up positions in the South China Sea.

And now China is issuing a red line to the US on Hong Kong and other disputed areas.

I go over this in the video above where I give you an update on all the major geopolitical developments in the world...

Like the US-Russia tensions going from bad to worse

The latest fearmongering over Iran

And the coup in Myanmar which the White House is reportedly scared to call a coup... because it might upset China. And on top of that the White House is also apparently scared of upsetting China to the point its afraid of cutting off foreign aid to Myanmar.

Which is absolutely insane.

And meanwhile different Biden Administration members see the biggest threat to America being Americans themselves!

So btw if your concerned with the government tracking your internet activity and you want to safeguard your privacy while unlocking content that may be blocked by Chinese style censors,

Try out VPNCity which I use and recommend.

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