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Did you know Janet Yellen was paid millions by hedge funds including Citadel, the firm that shorted GameStop and is in the middle of the whole scandal.

This is the same Janet Yellen who was head of the Federal Reserve and who now is Biden's treasury secretary.

And in the video above the White House press secretary says Janet Yellen will take care of things because she is the first woman head of the treasury.

In today's video, I break down Yellen's ties to financial institutions rigging the system and how she is doing nothing to stop the robbery of Main Street by Wall Street.

Which involves sitting back as Robinhood and other institutions work in cohesion to prevent people from buying stocks that hedge funds shorted and only allowing people to sell them in order to crash the price.

I also get into the greater political and economic implications at play like a possible resurgence of the Occupy movement online and a shift to alternatives to the dollar and the rigged financial system.

Oh and if your into alternatives, check out the different ways you can support us while getting around the big banks and Big Tech and even earning along with us.

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Dear @lukewearechange

Surely it's a very trendy topic right now. It seem to me that even people not interested with stock markets heard about current issue with gamestop.

I've been wondering: would it be possible and profitable to open short positions on gamestop right now, while price is so high and assuming that very unlikely it will still grow much?
Could hedge funds make billions by shorting it right now?

Any thoughts on that?

Yours, Piotr

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