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The New York Times has come out and admitted in an opinion piece that male sperm counts and fertility are dropping.

And female fertility also appears to be declining. Girls are reaching puberty earlier and women are having more miscarriages.

They're admitting we are being depopulated.

In the video above, I do a deep dive for you on the population decline that's happening around the world as well depopulation agenda.

Elites have been calling for a reduction in the global population.

And now we have a situation where the population is predicted to peak in just 44 years as a result of the fertility crisis.

Japan and many countries in Europe are experiencing population decline.

Also China is faced with population decline because of its demographic crisis with too many males and not enough females due to its 1 child policy.

However, this fertility crisis is basically nonexistent in countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Which ties into immigration and how countries are handling depopulation.

Something I also cover in today's video. Have a watch.

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