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What da fuuk?

Watch the beginning of the video above where Nicolle Wallace calls for drone strikes against Americans who think there was election fraud and that lockdowns are unnecessary.

And compares people who don't like lockdowns to Anwar al-Awlaki, the radical cleric who was assassinated while still being an American citizen and without having his day in court.

This is coming from a woman who was communications director for George Bush. And is now supposedly all concerned about incitement of violence.

Also in today's video, I get into an interview with a CIA counter insurgency officer whose saying tactics from Iraq and Afghanistan need to be used on Americans on American soil.

Even though nearly 90% of people killed in drone strikes in Afghanistan were not the intended targets.

Plus I cover the MSM attacking a city where people don't wear masks in the grocery store, Bank of America secretly turning over customer data to the FBI and Time Magazine surprisingly explaining how a secret shadow campaign and well funded cabal of powerful people got Joe Biden elected.

But don't worry. They were not rigging the election. They were "fortifying" it.

Watch til the end to hear what this is all about.

Oh and we have a shirt that sums up what Nicolle Wallace and the major corporations part of this cabal have to say about anyone who has an opinion different then theirs:


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