An Honest Review of Fahrenheit 11/9, It's Over For Michael Moore!

in news •  6 months ago

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Michael Moore's new film Fahrenheit 11/9. A new movie that is flopping in theaters that is supposed to be critical of U.S President Donald Trump. We do this with Tim Pool another journalists.

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Thanks guys.....
I think its a movie to distract us again.

YAY first comment, wish you guys would post all your YT work here , you and i both know that youtube sucks big time at least you wont lose out here,maybe some of your hardcore tubers would come over also. keep up the great content God bless you guys ex tuber and sub of both your channels (simon)

Hey Luke I've watched a lot of your vids. I started my own channel, I do programming stuff. Actually I made a browser extension to post to DTube, YouTube, BitChute, and all alt media sites automatically to save myself hours every day. Check it out:!/v/krogank9/qagn4gq9

Sounds like this movie was made on purpose to make all the truth that you and other alternative media have been reporting on be fully discredited. Because now the main stream people will be more likely to go back to believing that crap they hear on main stream media.

one of those movies that are supposed to be serious but is actually hilarious

I have to say I'm looking forward to seeing it. Watched a few minutes of your 'review' and had to give up. You seemed to wonder what Flint is to do with your sex monster-in chief but, let's face it, that's part of his remit. He inherits all of America's issues and at some point should try to address them.

You know, before he goes golfing, say. (Which I heard he once claimed he wouldn't have enough time to do.) And, arguably, even before he addresses all the sexual assault charges against him.

People in Flint, Michigan, really can not drink the water, can they? It's very poisonous. Just dealing with this issue (and ignoring all of your sex monster-in chief's failings), is that okay with you?

How long has it been?

Are you guys 'leaders of the world'?