Lockdown Soon To Be Over

in #news2 months ago

10.30 German Radio News This Morning (check pic)

I jump into Steemit, see UK downgrades the risk of Corona...
Pompeo f... up a speech and calls the pandemic an exercise (check my
resteems). Which just confirms "Event 201" that industry and politics
planned already the last years.
Lucadamus tells y'all :) this Lockdown will be soon done, because China
is gettin' back to business and this is also a business war especially
between China and the US.

Watch out for the new "solutions"

I explained PRS in this post.
So what we need to be aware of right now are the
so called "solutions" that will be offered, but are really the
new traps, like possible vaccines, more 5G and further rights
restriction for a very obviously created/staged worldwide event.

Stay Woke and Stand Up For Your Rights!



I am on your page. This is an unpopular opinion to have so don't give up the fight. Get up stand up.