Hm, and as if to prove the point of my last post, look how politician Jeremy Corbyn refers to these two events.

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He calls the Jihad attack in Manchester an 'Incident'..

Yet he calls the New Zealand Mosque shooting a 'Terror Attack'...

Gee, so a Muslim guy going jihad mad is now an incident, you know,because its incidental, but a white guy shooting a mosque is now a terror attack..

Whats the next jihadi truck attack gonna be referred to as? Road Rage?

Anyone beginning to see political parameters kinda shifting here? Wonder why that'd be.. Not because of an obvious bias formed at the heart of western political leadership? Surely not....

Like I said, they don't care, because it won't affect them or their children.
But it Will affect you and yours.

And if you try to speak out against it you'll be labelled at best an intolerant racist and at worst someone who deserves to be on a terrorist watchlist for saying what are now considered to be 'Extremest views' just because you simply don't want to go along with the slow boil takeover your country, cuz if you didn't notice, its not Your country any more, which is why your views are extremist.

They Do say if you wanna find out who's in power find who you aren't allowed to criticize.

Sigh, I seriously don't give a crap where you're from, because where you're from shouldn't dictate who you are.

Except.. Political assholes like jeremy corbyn, merkel and the rest insist that it Should dictate who you are and how you are to be treated in society.
So we aint ever gonna get any unity because instead of unifying its all about division, dividing people into shallow categories and nonsense and they use us like pawns in a game of black vs white that They control..

People should be able to break free of that surface level BS and be seen as themselves based on their own merits.
It doesn't matter where you're from, it matters who you are and what you do.
We should all be treated and treat each other the same in this regard.

Because these political fucks are complicit in fucking all of us over as as long as it benefits them.

If you were unwise or angry and you saw either your people being ignored or your people being demonized and you don't get that its a game being played by asshole elites higher up to control you, of course you're just gonna get angry at the people you perceive to be doing all this harm, thus racial tensions form and race wars start, this is how tommy robinson has gained such a following.

They'd LIKE to start a race war because then instead of creating actual unity they can spend years pitting us all against each other while they ride the waves of chaos while the rest of us all drown.

And what with hate crime laws and such as they are heading now.. Anyone who does Anything could be branded a label that gives legal precedent to shut then the fuck up in one form or another. People are already getting visits from the police about stuff they posted on twitter.

Again, all because sick rich people want to bring in their own sick ideologies into the world and they don't care what groups of people they have to use to further it along or who they oppress and unfairly treat.

I just posted about the Child Bride thing and before that the Trans thing. Yet we see both being pushed in the west, do you ever wonder why that is?

You'd think that such incompatible groups like the transgender movement and islam both being allowed to prosper in the same place would not make sense, but it does when you see how both ideologies are pretty fine with doing weird fucked up stuff to children and want to have it be protected under law as a civil right.

Its about agenda and the agenda is pretty much to be able to do sick sexual stuff to kids most of the time so, really it doesn't matter what they are doing to achieve that, as long as they bring in ideologies that endorse that I don't think they really care.

Islam is just a belief,
Pedophilia is just a sexual orientation.
White people are just evil
and anyone who disagrees with these ideas is standing in the way of progress.

Again, because the progress is based on the ideals of people raised to think that bad is good and good is bad, satanists basically.. Taught to them by literal monsters who hate humans.

hence why the world so backward. or rather why the world seem so... Inhuman.

Vril literally inspired the idea of demons.


Fuck you Jeremy corbyn.

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