Tonight's CL Analysis

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  • The home team started their campaign with Juventus very actively, first chance came in the second minute, but Bernardeschi was not precise.

  • A few minutes later, the first real shot for Ajax, Ziyech hit the outside of the net.

  • Ajax played fast, they caused a lot of problems for the Italians.

  • In the 12th minute a new try of the Dutch, again shot from Ziyech, Szczesny was in place.

  • Ajax took the ball in their hands

  • The Italians woke up after half an hour

  • Bernardeschi had a shot at minute 29, De Jong made the save

  • 30th minute, the first try for Cristiano Ronaldo, unsuccessful

  • Bernardeschi had a chance to take the lead after 37 minutes, but the shot was blocked by a defender

  • 45' min, Cristiano Ronaldo strikes again JUVE lead 0-1

  • Second half, 46'min Ajax scores, Neres the scorer. Ajax make it 1-1 with an early 2nd half goal, a perfect way to start the second half

  • The Dutch the knitted a knot around Juve, but the solid defense of the Italian champion did not allow a new hit

  • After 65 minutes, he was again shot by Ziyech, but Szczesny was on the spot.

  • Young Ekkelenkamp got a chance and in the 82th minute, got himself an opportunity after a good tribute to Tadic and then ziyech, and Szczesny again proved himself
    Capture 3434.PNG
  • Now the visitors were very likely not to give the bay away full ball
  • 85 minutes into the game, Douglas Costa came through the middle, came into an opportunity, but hte shot went wide
  • The hosts got what they wanted, and we ended with the result at 1: 1



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