Will you be participating in the new Steem Monster crowdfund? // TRON

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Some of you might have heard that Steem Monsters announced yesterday that they will be doing another crowdfund tied into the eventual integration with the TRON blockchain and their rebranding of "Steem Monsters" into "Splinterlands."

The crowdfund will occur on the 15th of April and it will be held on the TRON blockchain, specifically on the site SeedGerminator. All details on the tiers should be shown there in a few days.
The native token is SEED but purchases with TRX will be possible. (Although apparently purchases with SEED will give bonus rewards)
The reward tiers are yet to be established but according to the announcement we should know them at least 24 hours prior to the launch of the crowdfund.

Latest Steem Monsters announcement: https://steempeak.com/steemmonsters/@steemmonsters/details-on-the-upcoming-seedgerminator-campaign
Most used Tron Wallet: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tronlink/ibnejdfjmmkpcnlpebklmnkoeoihofec?utm_source=chrome-ntp-icon
SeedGerminator link: https://seedgerminator.sesameseed.org/
Exchange TRX for SEED: https://trontrade.io/

Im not sure what your best bet for exchanging STEEM for TRX is (@blocktrades doesnt exchange Trx/ has Dogecoin though :D) but i would assume Binance.


There are a few things to consider when deciding to participate in this. While i would generally consider Steem Monsters a safe investment, the fact that TRON is very new to plenty of folks, me included, anticipating the reaction of the TRON community to the project could be proven difficult. Will they dump all the cards, will the demand for cards increase. It is hard to tell sincethey might not be as personally invested into SM as much as STEEMIANS were during their first crowdfund.

From the information i got from Yabapmatt, apparently we will be getting the card packs within a couple weeks after the crowdfund and the promo cards a couple months later, once the new website is built.

Do your research and STEEM on!

Ill see ya. :D

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