Big Brother Mark

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All of you who still dwell on Facebook, do not be too surprised — yes, you have a Big Brother. And that was not your parent's fault…

Feeding the monster with your precious data and letting it monetize them, inevitably leads to some new, and creative ways of abuse of your privacy. Facebook can track people in a lot of scary ways, and can be very cunning in finding all new ways reconnecting already harvested data. Now they are looking to track your socioeconomic status. Why? Because it is so easy to take political advantage from people's frustration! Lori Harfenist, “The Resident”, breaks down the latest from Big Brother Zuckerberg.

Duration: 2:47


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Odavno sam isključila Face i ne nedostaje mi. Bilo zanimljivo na početku, one 2007. ja mislim. Sada je ovo već ozbiljna špijunaža.

Тако је, @micika987 :)


This is why steemit will forever flourish, putting power in the hands of the people, unlike facebook that even exploits privacy

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Hahahaha, steemit is just the beat. Been long time I visit my account last on facebook. Why should I still need to be wasting my data upon what that will not earn me token.

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