What is actually 'threatening' online?

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Help me out on a thought process.

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Today, on Twitter, 5,000 confirmed BlueCheckMarks applauded the death of David Koch solely because they disagree on his politics. They've never met him. They don't know him personally. They don't shy away from the fact that they applaud and wish the same death on others who have similar beliefs.

I'm not saying they should be arrested. I'm asking how we should draw the line as to how we characterize public threats and under what context.

Now, below, we have a 15 year old kid is playing a video game and everyone gangs up on him (via skill and verbal heckling) and he says "I'll fucking kill all of you tomorrow". That's fucked up.

How do we address this kid and/or these death cheerleaders with tact? Consider that everyone claims we should Punch Nazis, and we call millions of American "Nazi" daily (when there are 1000 idiots in a nation of 33 million).

The Video

There's blurred lines with the above two scenarios.


I'm conflicted.

No, I don't think anyone should be "arrested", ever. (Abolish the police!)

However, idiots who say things like that kid did-- or those shooting off their mouths about Koch-- need to face consequences. It's not OK to get caught up in the moment and make credible threats-- but I can't know if the kid's threats were credible. I don't believe the Twitterheads were making credible threats-- that looked like virtue flashing to me. But their tweets could lead mentally unstable people into believing it's OK to attack and kill.

To me a credible threat is when, to the best of your knowledge, the threatener has the intention to follow through with the threat and the means to actually carry it out. I don't think cops/the "justice system" are qualified to figure it out.

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