What if Uncle Sam Itemized Your Tax Bill So You Knew Where YOUR Money was Going?

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As I write this fat check to Uncle Sam, I've always wondered... What if elections were held immediately after we paid our tax bill every year?

What if taxes weren't withheld from everyone's paychecks every year and they had to come up with thousands each April?

What if my tax bill was itemized every year? Rapper Cardi B famously noted that when she gives millions to private charities, she gets emails showing the schools she's helping to build and the kids she's assisting, why doesn't Uncle Sam?

What if your tax bills were itemized? Of the XXX you owe:

$251 goes to Egypt for foreign aid
$14 goes for treadmills for shrimp
$149 goes to govermental printing costs that could be avoided by changing font
$110 goes to Air Force One for unofficial vacations
$.48 on an unused monkey house
$29 fraudulent tax reimbursements to prisoners
$410 on 'improper payments' or fraudulent payments due to lack of financial controls
$1.89 on a 3-week long FAA party
$42 NSA and other gov't use of World of Warcraft as collections platform
$4 U.S. Census commercial that appeared during the Super Bowl
$.22 On a laundry-folding robot
$17 On a study about baby names (and "The astounding conclusion: Popular names are popular with parents.")

Do you think people would be more active in holding politicians/bureaucracy accountable?

Who cares more about your money? You or the Government? Of course it's you. Looking at the list above, would you better invest that money in your life or are you glad it went to countries where they openly burn our flag?

50 Examples of Government Waste

The six categories of wasteful and unnecessary spending are:
1.Programs that should be devolved to state and local governments;
2.Programs that could be better performed by the private sector;
3.Mistargeted programs whose recipients should not be entitled to government benefits;
4.Outdated and unnecessary programs;
5.Duplicative programs; and
6.Inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraud.

The first four categories are generally subjective, and reasonable people can disagree on whether a given federal program falls under their purview. Yet the final two categories -- duplication and inefficiency, mismanagement, and fraud -- are comparatively easy to identify and oppose.

See also, 13 Silliest Uses of Taxpayer Money

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Just give us the money and we'll worry over what to use it for. We're professionals at spending money, no worries.
That's how it goes all over the world.

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Well, such a thing can't exist. For instance the last line of the pentagon spending would be:

29 Trillion Missing, financial error.

Further, many black budgets are financed by money we stole and never accounted for long ago.
And how about the CIA makes money by having "cover flights" where they need to look legitimate while flying through an area. But, they are actually taking money from real customers.

So, i would like to see, with the filing of a 1040, that we also itemize which departments will get our money. And if any department gets no money it is instantly closed.

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