SOTU: Trump Says Congress Should Give Gov. Agencies Power to Fire Employees, Liberals cry PURGE!

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imageCountable.USwrites a great article discussing why it is so hard to get rid of ‘dead weight’ in our civil sector.

Then they end it by quoting a civil service union head who was aghast that the President would question our ‘world-renowned first-class civil sector’ as if they’ve never walked into a Pos Office or sat in line at a DMV.

Then they end the article with a Democratic Senator’s partisan plea against Trump’s calling for The Purge of political dissenters. What?

Countable is biased. It’s been a while since they were neutral. It’s like my friend notes earlier this week, Liberals Ruined Everything. I’ll stilll attempt to instill common sense there, please follow my efforts, but it’s already an uphill battle.

You get a good network or media outlet or college then the liberals move in and ruin in. Go read SJWs Always Lie and it discusses how the dominoes fall.

Congrats Countable.US, you’ve arrived at Peak Progressive.

I’ve worked in the government for 18 years. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to fire worthless people.

And you wonder why the VA is failing and why to renew a passport can only be done by going into a Post office/CVS to pay $18 for a 2”x2” photo then pay $110 with a personal check through snail mail. There is no incentive to get better and provide better service.


My typical disclaimer applies. Didn’t vote for trump, I hate trump, this is not a defense of trump.


Bureaucracy can never work on a meritocracy footing.

To do so, would be to make themselves unemployed.

To maintain and enlarge a bureaucracy, it means they have to move as fast as the slowest person in it..

An anti-meritocracy..

We have a similar problem here in Australia. I believe they recently tried to start putting KPIs on govt workers (I think it was state govt) and people threw a shit fit.

It's a popular opinion here that if you get a govt job, there's pretty much nothing you can do to get fired. I had a friend once who knew he had a chronic illness, and was talking about getting a job with the govt so he could reap lifetime benefits with full pay and just stay home.

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Here's why the Democrats (and anybody with at least half a brain) don't like it. If a President can fire anybody with impunity, that means they can commit crimes and fire anybody who tries to prosecute them for it. Practically speaking, it places them above the law, like a monarch.

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