Arizona Cop Acquitted for Killing Man Crawling Down Hotel Hallway While Begging for His Life

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This video will make you sick to your stomach, but you really should try to watch it in order to understand why we need criminal justice reform.

A man is dead.

A cop sprayed him with bullets for failing to comply with a series of confusing and frankly impossible instructions--hands on your head, hands in the air, cross your legs, crawl forward, don't fall.

“Keep your hands in the air or I will shoot you!”

“If you fall, you better fall on your face“

“Keep your hands up”

Also, “crawl toward me” Somehow?

Also why not let the jury know the cop had inscribed “you’re fucked” onto the side of his gun. Does it infer intent or premeditation?

The man was inebriated but obviously no threat, unarmed, sobbing, and justifiably fearful of being killed. I will hear the terror in his voice in my nightmares.

The video is unambiguous; we see the whole encounter, from start to finish. For some reason, a jury decided to acquit the officer.

It never saw a piece of evidence I personally would consider relevant: the officer had written "you're fucked" on his rifle. His rifle.

Both victim and officer were white.

This wasn't racism.

It was aggression and authoritarianism.

One of the problems I have with Black Lives Matter (their tactics, not their goals) is that it seems like they have managed to make the cause of criminal justice reform appear explicitly racial, which could have the unfortunate side effect of discouraging people who aren't sufficiently "woke" on race issues from caring about it.

Which is bad, because the automatic deference we extend to police power, the excuses we make for bad cops, and the incentives we provide for authoritarian policing... these are not the hallmarks of a free and healthy society. And they have a real impact on people's lives.

Daniel Shaver had no way out to get out of his situation alive.

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I hope that police realize that when too many of this videos get out there, then compliance becomes a thing of the past.

"Stop! police!" will have the opposite effect.

They need to realize that they are running on good faith made by their previous generation and hollywood movie logic.

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Now it's on the blockchain forever.


For once, I have no issue with doxxing

Wow it took them 5 minutes of compliance just to murder him. RIP.

That cunt of a "police officer" should be executed. But not swiftly as the poor sap, made to suffer for as long as possible!

I'm against death penalty. Lock this garbage up for life and the society will be better off. Most gangbangers are less of a threat to the peace and order of the society. I'm talking from a very objective POV. This kind of behavior is psychopathic. These people only join the forces as a way to legally use force against other people. These are government sanctioned serial killers.

Resteemed the moment I saw the shooting.

I saw this earlier this morning. Incomprehensible how this played out. I DO NOT believe most cops have an itchy trigger finger, but my god...this was completely uncalled for and disgusting to watch. My prayers to that man and his family.


Of course not, but some do have, some

only join the forces as a way to legally use force against other people

and that have to be stopped!
They do a thorough screening for future pilots, why they do not do it for future caps?

I reposted on Facebook (Sorry-it's a slow weening process), but this is what I wrote- "This cop was a good citizen- playing his violent video games, taking his meds, making the right grades to prove how obedient he is. He was groomed his whole life so he could murder this guy in cold blood and get away with it. It's all by design. You are being gamed folks. Those who truly control the world are years ahead of us, and yet their tactics, their influences, their reasons, and their goals are all out there for the world to see if you know where to look. Oh but don't worry about that- don't look there .. .Oh look! Alert on Fox News! Oh look over there! It's the Super Bowl! No, look over there! Brad and Jen are getting back together! Etc Etc "

That was very disturbing to watch... and I would not learn about it if it was not for Steemit. And the biggest hope for preventing alike murders from happening in the future is in more people watching it...