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The NYPD got a whopping 1,526 requests from the feds to detain immigrants in President Trump’s first year in office — and rejected them all, officials said Wednesday.​

ICE recently arrested nine people in New York who were in the country illegally and released by the NYPD despite active detainers and pending criminal charges, the agency wrote.

The NY Daily News Reports that every single request from the feds to detain illegal immigrants was denied last year.

If we can view this objectively, regardless of your thoughts on illegal immigration, it's illegal to be in this country without citizenship or an appropriate via. It's the law.

What is Law Enforcement's duty in this case? If it's illegal, Law Enforcement should enforce the law. If we actually see deportations increasing and 'hard-working families getting torn apart' as the rhetoric goes, then people will start to get angry. If people get angry enough, we'll start demanding the laws are changed.

Reports suggest though that deportation have actually decreased since President Obama left office.

The larger problem is that we have institutions who don't do their job.

The Sheriff or Police Department will direct law enforcement to release an immigrant when it determines the suspect is in the country illegally. This unfortunately brings subjectivity into the executive powers of Law Enforcement. If they are going to be 'law enforcers' there should be no subjectivity, that is the court's job; To be subjective and weigh evidence.

So what's going on in New York?

in this case, ignoring the detain requests is attributable to someone in the Police Department arguing that 'illegals are humans and it's immoral to do turn them over, they may be deported'. I don't disagree with this morality, but as previously noted, this is not the executive's job to weigh morality, it's the judicial branch's job.

My question is this. If law enforcement is going to take that stance, why don't they don't also take that same stance for other victim-less crimes like braiding hair without a license, just 'slightly' rolling through a stop sign, possession of an ounce of pot, etc.

It would seem that the same subjectivity which was introduced in the previous example would also lend to similar treatment for victim-less crimes which occur in your city.

Methinks the difference in the two cases involves A) the future of the politically-leftist voting class at stake in the former and B) a population that can be extorted for more money to feed ever-increasing budgets in the latter.

What do you think?



uhmm interesting news, I think the problem lies in a population that can be extorted for more money to feed budgets increasing in the second, but the duty is that the police do their job

I think that the individual cities and states should not be policing immigration that is the job of ICE. NYC did/didn't do the right thing.
If ICE wants to deport anyone because they are here illegally then ICE should take responsibility for deporting them. Cities like NY have enough problems with crime for them to be focusing on immigration and deportation. If ICE want any city/state to be enforcing immigration the should have a separate department to do that with separate holding areas and leave the holding cells in the precincts and jails for true criminals. That said if someone is arrested for a crime and said person is not with legal status, then they should go through the legal process like any citizen have them serve whatever sentences handed out.
If said person appears on a provided list by ICE of illegals then that city/state should contact ICE and make them aware of such person, if ICE want such person deported then ICE should take custody of that person and execute the deportation themselves and not burden city/state with it, there are more pressing issues to deal with.
This is how i think the process should go...
ICE provide list to cities/states.......
Arrested names verify on list......
Prosecute arrested and justice handed down.....
ICE notified of arrest......
ICE take custody........
Execute deportation....
Thank You

When law enforcement's primary job is tax collection...we have a problem Houston.

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