National Anthem Outrage? Know the Difference Between Nationalism and Patriotism

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I find this confusion over the difference between patriotism and nationalism very disturbing. These flamboyant displays at sporting events are NOT patriotism. They are for the indoctrination of nationalism.

"Patriotism" is not demanded it is an act of admiration to the collaborative success of good by ones countrymen. It is the show of pride in the brothers and sisters you share the nation with. It is not your duty to show patriotism as it is a gift from each of us the individuals and our choice when to display it.

"Nationalism" is a tool, a disease that collectivist like communists, socialists, and fascist, employ to manipulate public opinion to control the masses and dissenters.

If you're up in arms over these idiot athletes attempting to protest social issues then you yourself are just as foolish as they are.

I have been in the military for 19 years and counting. I serve alongside great brothers in arms who are Purple Heart recipients. We all bleed red white and blue and some of my friends will even stand up at attention for the national anthem if we were out in public or at a restaurant. Great for them. That's what they want to do and they are able to do it and it's awesome. We don't demand that every able-bodied person HAS to stand though. That's not America.

Instead I see the following image all over my social media.


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I think you hit the nail on the head with this one; these two terms are all too frequently confused. Resteemed (:

Not a huge fan of NFL, never was. While I respect Kaepernik and his choice, he has made zero engaging dialogue. It's like he gets bullet-points from the internet instead of having his own voice. Good that he has other people talking, like this excellent post, but he represents nobody of any great intellectual bearing in my opinion.

Since they can't stand in respect for my flag then we won't be watching them give each other brain damage.

Not a fan of violent sports or unconstitutional military actions or forever wars, but I do support every persons right to protest the wrongs they perceive, in any non violent way they wish.

You are right about the differences, but blind patriotism is just as dangerous as nationalism, maybe even more so. The -isms will get you every time.

Patriots have been fighting and dying in unconstitutional wars for a very long time, Nationalists are the ones demanding the politicians to send them. The two go hand in hand.

"It is the system of 'nationalist' individualism that has to go... Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it." -H.G. Wells

Nationalism is crucial if we want to maintain U.S. Sovereignty.... that is what the Trump supporters voted for, Nationalism NOT Globalism... President Trump is our last hope.

CNN Reporter "New World Order

There is more than one meaning to 'nationalism'....

Can anyone sleep at your house then, I mean, if you're opposed to borders.

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