'Mic' does a hit piece on Jordan Peterson, gets owned in their comment section

in #news3 years ago (edited)


Unfortunately, hyper-partisan pieces like this do well to showcase the need to consult primary source material.

One may very well disagree with the contentions Peterson holds, and that's beyond welcomed in an open society, however, to discredit someone through the use of grotesque distortions is not just dishonest, but shameful.

I suspect one is better served by rebutting Peterson's arguments, rather than sloppily assailing a fictitious persona.

Full Facebook Video here

Apologies for not being able to embed.


Rebutting Petersons arguments are sight to behold....lol

So, the writer (and maybe the speaker) in this video doesn't know the definitions of the words he uses.

I couldn't dispute this video with those that produced it, because we would have to start with, the meaning of words. And, they pretty much threw that out in this video. So, it would probably be a waste of time.

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