Indian Prime Minister Green Lights Military Action Against Nuclear-Rival Pakistan

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It’s times like these where a mature, US diplomat could assist in defusing tensions between two nuclear powers. No doubt that Pakistani Generals would ponder the best time to gain the upper hand and attack first.

This is a dangerous situation.

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday unleashed the country's military against rival Pakistan in response to a terror attack by Muslim separatists that killed 44 on Thursday.

  • Modi said his country's "blood boils" and gave his military a "free hand" to determine "the timing, place and nature of their response."

  • India and Pakistan have been bitter rivals for years, and both countries have built nuclear arsenals to hold each other at bay.

  • Modi unleashing the military has been called an "abdication of political responsibility" that could lead to a "super dangerous" conflict between the nuclear rivals.

Full story on Business Insider here


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