If the US is a ‘Nation of Laws’, Which Laws Are You Refusing to Follow?

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Whenever we bring up illegal immigration there are inevitably a group of people who say, “Sorry, it’s the law. Laws must be enforced. We’re a nation of laws.”

Okay, law abiders.

How many of you live in one of these states? I researched it and my state says punishment for a blow job.

Do you still insist that all laws be followed and enforced?

Which ones do you refuse to follow?

I leave you with the LibertyLOL profile image...


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I have heard that in the United States there are some absurd laws, such as that in Wisconsin restaurants it is illegal to serve apple pie without cheese, or that it is illegal in Alabama to carry an ice cream in your back pocket (keep in mind that it is not true). of these affirmations), but at least they are laws that do not have de facto functioning, that is, I do not believe that someone will go to a trial for practicing oral sex in any of those states.

It is really bad when there are regulations that are fulfilled, and with a state effectiveness never before seen, as in economic interventionism or taxes. I do not believe that the State in the current day, so corrupt that it is in its structure, matters at all the laws with moral purposes or with objectives far from that of politics and economy.

$1000 fine? Worth it!

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I don't know if it's still on the books, but when I lived in Austin, TX many years ago, there was still a law on the books that made it illegal for anyone-- married or not-- to engage in sexual intercourse before noon on Sundays.

"You're supposed tae be in CHURCH, not out there forrrnicatin'!"

I'm sure I break all sorts of laws-- with pride-- on a regular basis. Including a new one that I must buy an annual "license" for my septic tank (at $200) which can only be obtained by calling a "qualified technician" ($135 house call).

This should make government a joke, but the masses are still brainwashed.