I Already Support the NEXT Government Shutdown

in #news3 years ago (edited)

I already support the next government shutdown.


The Race is on to Pin Blame for the Government Shutdown on ‘The Other Party’. Republicans blame democrats. Democrats blame Republicans.

I still cannot comprehend why anyone is concerned about a government shutdown. It’s not like any spending stops. All the checks for all the workers get paid, just later.

It’s a pseudo-shutdown to be sure. If it were real, and if real pain and agony were felt by it, then the politicians would come to agreement faster. It’s just smoke and mirrors.

If your job is ‘non essential’ and you’re told not to return to work, why is it that we have that job? Why are we going into never ending debt to maintain that job?

Why don’t we use this Government Shutdown to discuss something productive: our debt. We borrow money from China so that we can pay for non-essential government employees? Why?

If a social service is cut off, why can’t we support the people who require those services at the local level? Churches and neighbors can support those who fall on hard times. If you need support you should put your hat in your hand and go ask for it. If you get to stay at home and get a free federal government check, you’re not accountable to anyone.

If you have to go to your church and neighbors and ask for another handout, eventually you may be asked why you haven’t found a job.


Are we ready to face our dependency/addiction to Socialism and overspending issues yet... or will we stay in denial and continue asking for larger and larger "hits" of spending?

Oh no the government has shut down! Will the conversation be about or ballooning national debt self incurred by both the Republicans and the Democrats?

Nope. Just politics.

Just blame that “it’s someone else’s fault the government shut down” with the implication that a shutdown is bad.

Pop quiz: if the government is shut down for 30 days, will I get a 1/12th return of my taxes back? I WONT HOLD MY BREATH. I promise I’ll spend them more efficiently than the government does.

Up next a Greek tragedy or Venezuela starvation. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

This is a test of the American public's susceptibility to manipulation.

This is only a test.

Had this been a real #GovernmentShutdown, you would now be free from DC's extortionary protection racket.

Until the IRS permanently locks its doors and releases all its employees, this is only a test.


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