Government Schools Create Problems; People Want More ‘Government’ to Correct Them

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Watch this video, let’s get them heartstrings tugged first...

Obviously trusting the government (ahem, government schools) to correct the societal problem has resulted in embarrassment, shaming, janitorial work for kids, stamping of arms, etc.

We're all in agreement we don't like the outcomes in this video; so if the government sucks, let's let the private market figure it out.

I'd rather donate to because I know that 98% of the money I donate goes directly to food that goes to hungry kids in school, after school, during school and even during summer breaks (only about 70% of my tax money filters through the bureaucracy and returns as a benefit unfortunately).

Parents should be responsible. If they're not, we should be responsible.

Anyone want to match me in a contribution? I sent in $50.

We can't sit around on Steemit and complain if we don't put our money where our mouth is...

Original Facebook Post

Actual comments:

Every kid should get free meals at schools while inmates get free healthcare, schooling, meals.

That's ridiculous! If murderers, rapists and druggies get three meals a day for free, our children should never have a problem being fed! Unreal

Not all kids are blessed to have parents that give a shit. They shouldn't suffer more because of it.

And the best from the "Things that Never Happened" List:

I had to clean tables to get my food. It was embarrassing having to miss an entire period of my day cleaning up after kids who would purposely throw food on the floor just to laugh at me. I worked the lunchroom from first grade to third and was made fun of everyday for it. If I could have eaten without it, I would have. Because of that I have a complex about eating, it's extremely difficult for me to eat in public now, I always have to cover my face.


Okay, that is just terrible to treat children that way. And what the hell... when they cannot afford to pay, they throw out the food?

That doesn't make a bit of sense! If someone treated my child that way, they would be looking like Rocky Raccoon with some black eyes... by the days end, that I can guarantee.

Thanks for the post, wow this is shameful behavior on the schools part.

I would bet that the 'throwing away food in face of a hungry kid' either didn't happen, or was an embellishment in order to push an agenda of expanded government.

Call me cynical.

It would be nice to actually see it happen in real time, and bust someone in the act.

Well either way... no child should be without food, period. In our school district, if a child didn't bring enough money, or cannot afford lunch, they still get to eat. The parents will get a bill in the mail, as all children have a lunch account number that they can use to have something to eat that day.

I make my child's lunch everyday, so we do not have that problem, unless it happens to be a day where pizza is on the menu.

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