Gary Johnson's Aleppo Moment is Still Mischaracterized, Even Today

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Look, I'm an Intelligence Officer. I talk for a living. I brief large groups of somewhat important people (at least in their own minds).

When a camera is going, and when I'm hitting the RECORD button on a podcast, I still make mistakes.

I don't get every word right. I improvise inaccurately and I paraphrase history as I perceived it even though I painstakingly try to memorize detail.

That podcasting and news media should be a perfect recordable account of a person's mental capacity in which every utterance has to stand up to scrutiny is a high task.

Factor in that this interview was at 0500 in the morning and the interviewer, lacking any credible journalistic standard, skipped from one subject to another, isn't spoken about today.

Typically, a journalist will 'tee up' when switching topics. State a transition as simple as "OK, Moving on to the tragic geopolitical implications we're seeing in Syria as we've observed the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces setback in Aleppo, what would you do as President about the situation?"

Instead, the dry, unprefaced question as posed to him on Morning Joe was, "What would you do as President about Aleppo?"


"Aleppo (Dry stare)"

"And what is Aleppo?"

"You're kidding right?"


"It's.. It's uh, it's the epicenter of the. uh, the refugee crisis..."

"Ok, got it...."

Answers question.


How do you know it's a gotcha trap? Literally 10 seconds into his response regarding U.S. intervention and Russian response, the MSNBC title bar throws up JOHNSON: "What is Aleppo?"

Don't take this as any defense of Gary Johnson's mental capacity, only for the gotcha moment that the media sought out and found.

Pretty good Jason Stapleton show on the subject you should check out:

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