David Hogg, Outspoken Florida School Shooting Victim Tweets Plato Quote. Misses the Irony.

in #news6 years ago


When you quote something you haven't actually ever read...

The forms of government that Plato lays out in The Republic flow from one to the next, where the flaws in each usher in the next form.

Democracy gives way to tyrrany exactly because the people in a democracy want a "benevolent dictator" to rescue them.

They gladly surrender their rights and power in exchange for security and protection. The tyrant starts out loved by the populace, but ends up hated and feared.

Life comes at you fast, kiddo.

Also, why is a kid given a Certified Blue Check Mark on twitter? I thought that was reserved for celebrities and important people?

I guess it’s also reserved for anyone with te right political opinions. Great job, Twitter.


He is a beloved celebrity and Very Important Person....to leftists. He has the correct agenda and victim points.

He obviously has no clue lol

David Hogg is a 'Color Revolutionary' for the globalists.

This article is in it's infant stages of exposing the 'color revolution' against 'the Republic' of the Untied States, it's constitution, and most importantly, it's people.

The tyranny is arising too slowly for his tastes, so he's trying to jump-start it.

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