CNN on MLK - He was a Socialist before it was cool

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CNN on MLK - He was a Socialist before it was cool.

Imagine a major news network saying somebody was a Nazi before it was cool. What would the reaction be?

Rightfully, a chorus of condemnation. But we don't have that problem, because humans learned the lesson of the horrors of National Socialism.

As for Democratic Socialism, it seems it will take a couple million more destroyed lives before humans consider that markets determine prices, not central planners.

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Unfortunately socialists want to fix a certain problem with society... so, the turn to the govern-cement, which cannot fix that problem at all. In fact, the govern-cement will only make the problem worse, even if it was run by the nicest people on the planet.

Society != govern-cement.

When will they learn? Probably never, because its not taught in schools, and lies like the above are spouted on the Clinton Crime Network

great post!

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