Are YOU on the Leftist’s DEC 18th Twitter Purge List?

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On December 18, Twitter is purging a bunch of alt-right, white nationalist, racist, misogynist, nazi rapists who hate puppies.

The List

I was sad to see that after all my hard work, the leftists didn’t even notice libertyLOL as a threat against their big government, high taxation, culture wars and collectivism.

Maybe next year? Cmon, guys.


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...and nothing of value will be lost.

they are also purging bernie people and libsoc & demsoc folks too... bc we talk smack to hillarybots- that gets us banned real quick.

you are not alone.

I haven’t heard of this?! Which voices have been silenced?

countless people have had their accounts suspended for going after people like peter daou and nehra tanden. @jack is a big clinton lackey.